PMOs Supporting Agile Delivery

With more and more organisations using different ways to deliver change, the PMO has also had to widened the type of support they offer.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of organisation who are adopting more agility into their delivery methods. On the one hand there are organisations which focus on producing products and software which benefit from delivery approaches such as SCRUM. With others there is a mixed portfolio of work – some that utilise a more waterfall approach, others benefit from incremental delivery (sometimes referred to as hybrid delivery).

There has also been some advances on taking this agile mindset to a higher level than the project team, with lean portfolio management and frameworks such as SAFE – using the principles of agility to deliver enterprise-wide change.

The PMO has long had to adapt and flex the services they offer to the delivery part of the organisation and today’s PMOs are not only doing that but also extending the types of functions and services they can offer.

Learn about Agile PMOPMO Learning’s long running specialist course for PMO practitioners – the Lean-Agile PMO – is for those PMOs which are adopting different working practices and approaches to delivering change. The course brings together the two biggest concepts which has had the greatest impact on project delivery in recent times – Lean and Agile.

The course has changed over time – it has had to because of the different types of frameworks which have become popular – yet the challenges for PMO professionals has remained the same.

The course answers questions such as these:

  • How do you report on both waterfall and Agile-led projects?
  • What changes when you’re carrying out risk management activities?
  • What does the benefits management process look like?
  • How do these projects get planned?
  • Which parts of the current PMO service offerings need to change?

Agie PMO for PMO Practitioners


The Lean-Agile PMO course has been helpful for both individuals (our public schedule) and whole PMO teams (in-house delivery) in making plans and adjustments to their PMO role and the overall changes in the PMO services offered.

The course has also enabled PMO teams to start changing their thinking when it comes to the support they offer both delivery managers and the delivery teams. It’s about understanding what the Agile mindset is all about and making the adjustments to different ways of working. It has also allowed PMO teams to think about what it is senior executives want and need to know is happening in the portfolio of work – and crucially find different ways of providing information and insights that enable decisions.

The Lean-Agile-PMO course from PMO Learning remains the only course available which really focuses on the PMO’s role and responsibilities – plus your trainer is still a practising Agilist so you’re getting all the latest thinking and real practical guidance along with the experiences of your learning cohorts.

Want to find out more and understand what’s in the course? Take a look at the two-day Lean-Agile PMO course today.

Lean Agile PMO


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