What Training Needs Would Most Benefit Your PMO Role?

Every PMO will have areas that they want to improve on, as a training company we provide training courses on specific areas that a lot of PMO practitioners may struggle with or need more knowledge to make a difference in their PMOs. We are also always looking to be innovative and get ahead of the curve by providing new and exciting courses for subjects that may be new to practitioners, such as Value Streams.

This week we looked at the House of PMO’s poll of the month and found this month’s question to be very relevant to our training organisation and understanding of what PMO professionals need when it comes to training.

The question posted on their website was ‘What training needs would most benefit your PMO? The answers are shown in the image below and range from communication and stakeholder management, risk management and mitigation strategies, and data analysis and reporting tools.


The results show the most popular answer with 45% of users picking Portfolio Management and Strategic Planning. Portfolio management is becoming more popular within PMOs as they grow and are starting to select and prioritise the projects and programmes that they want to deliver.

Portfolio management is an essential function for organisations that want to ensure that their investments in projects and programmes are aligned with their overall business goals. By effectively managing their portfolios, organisations can improve their chances of success and achieve their strategic objectives.


If you are starting to work in portfolio management and strategic planning, but want to know more information, our Management of Portfolios® Foundation course is the perfect place to start to focus on the fundamentals of portfolio management. Once completed, the Practitioner level follows which focuses on the application of MoP® so you can take what you have learned back into your organisation to implement all your ideas and knowledge.

Following this, the second most popular answer at 34%, is project management methodologies and best practices. These are essential for successfully planning, executing, and completing projects on time and within budget. Alongside methodology-based training such as PRINCE2, MSP, Agile PM (you can check out our eLearning courses here), we have the popular P3O® Foundation course which can also be done in the virtual classroom, eLearning or distance learning – different ways to suit all budgets. 

If you have any of these training needs mentioned in the poll, PMO Learning can provide public training courses, in-house and bespoke training, or even coaching sessions to help you and your PMO.

If you would like to further discuss this, contact us today or book a 15-minute call with our training specialist.

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