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We’re delighted to partner with Beneficial Consulting for the Lean-Agile PMO 1 day training course. Beneficial are experts in Agile and have been instrumental in pushing the conversation forward when it comes to the role the PMO plays in supporting Agile projects.

Lean-Agile PMORight now, PMOs are grappling with the whole hybrid landscape – they’re supporting two different modes of project delivery – the traditional waterfall project approach and the Agile approaches (of which there are many different frameworks and mindsets to work with) If we also throw in the whole DevOps approaches too – the PMO is now looking at supporting trimodally!

If you’re interested in catching up with the latest Agile PMO related content from PMO Flashmob, take a look at the various Agile PMO related sessions and also download the latest Inside PMO report which is focused on Agile PMO.

The Lean-Agile PMO Course

The next class takes place in Edinburgh on the 23rd May.

This interactive course is designed for Senior PMO Managers, PMO Leads, PMO Analysts and Heads of Change who wish to introduce an added value Lean-Agile PMO concept to their organisation.

The one day course is ideal for those who are looking for practical insights into how functions and services of a ‘traditional’ PMO may bend, flex or change altogether when it comes to supporting Agile projects within the portfolio.

The full overview and details on how to book the course:

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