Learning in PMO During Lockdown

We’ve been busy gearing up to run our PMO courses virtually in May and over the last few weeks, it has been fascinating talking to PMO practitioners about learning online.

For many, online learning is either watching webinar sessions or doing some self-paced eLearning. Yet at PMO Learning we don’t do either of those two.

We’re running virtual classroom training which is all about replicating the real physical classroom.

Why does that mean?

Here are some of the characteristics of a virtual classroom:

  • There is a real, live instructor leading the course.
  • The training course is set on a certain day/s and times and you join those days and times.
  • It’s a full course – including all the materials and exams (if applicable)
  • You’re attending using both your webcam and microphone.
  • You’re learning alongside other delegates.
  • You take part in live interactive sessions with other delegates on your course.
  • You huddle around a whiteboard or flipchart for some of the exercises.
  • There are coffee and lunch breaks – and of course, comfort breaks whenever you need them.
  • There’s often homework to do in the evening before class starts the next day.
  • There are exercises which promote action learning and discussions with the group.
  • There are opportunities throughout the course to ask the trainer for help or clarification.

The only difference is you’re not having to travel to get there and you’re not physically sat in a training room plus you have to bring your own little mints and put them in a bowl on your table!

Here’s a quick look at what we’re doing to keep bringing you great PMO courses:

We’re also able to use other functionality within the course too. Mentimeter for polling and pulling together group thinking; Trello is used in lots of different ways including creating lists and outputs from group exercises. We’re also using Miro, a great little tool for replicating sticky notes and whiteboards.

Here’s a quick dive into the technologies and why we’re using them:


Being in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t attend high-quality interactive training courses, it just means you’ll be learning in a different way – and as one of our recent delegates said, when the trainer knows how to use the different spectrum of tools available and can keep the delegates focused, it’s actually better than having to travel!

You can experience our virtual classroom training on courses coming up [have a look at the schedule] and book your self-development today.

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